Mary brings to Fortune a background rich in diversity, sales, management and coaching. During her career she headed the Crisis Management department for a Silicon Valley tech company, CEO for an oil company, professor at Sundai University in Tokyo, and sales and marketing for real estate developments in Idaho and Mexico. Her 6 years in Asia have given her a unique perspective to business and life. Mary’s coaching style is all about creating opportunities, action, and embracing our passion. Through her skilled assessment of teams and leadership she has the ability to help you key into your communication patterns, build rapport with your team and patients, and assist you in creating further success in your business.

Mary and Dennis Marvel joined forces in 2007 when they realized the combination of their unique backgrounds created a powerful team. By integrating strong leadership experience, business development, financial acumen and personal empowerment they enable the achievement of extraordinary results. Together they provide an unparalleled combination of training and coaching for your team.

In addition to the traditional degrees and extensive leadership training they have received through Fortune Management, Mary and Dennis are both graduates of the acclaimed Coaches Training Institute. Their commitment to lifelong learning and personal development assists practices to achieve their personal and professional best.
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